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Smart Network Storage Locker AL5001NK10

Smart Network Storage Locker AL5001NK10

  • Model: AL5001NK10
  • Name: Smart Network Storage Locker
  • Door Qty: 12 doors
  • Brand: Aituo
  • Delivery: 15-25 working days
  • Warranty: 1 Year


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    The smart network locker consists of touch screen, computer system, QR code scanner , lock control board and other intelligent control systems. The user drop off and pick up items by password or card swipe or fingerprint or pick up code.


    Material: high quality galvanized steel plate
    *Front door/side,middle panel thickness:0.8mm
    Bearing board :0.8mm, rear door :0.6mm
    *Surface treatment: electrostatic spraying,
    *phosphating treatment.
    *Computer: Android 5.1.1 operating system
    *Screen: 10.1 inch LCD screen capacitive touch
    *Support QR code scanner
    *Support password
    *Support fingerprint (optional)
    *Support for swipe card reader (optional)

    Model: AL5001NK10
    Kiosk size: H1960*W840*D450mm
    L box: H300*W400*D450mm x10

    Model: AL5001NC12
    Sub locker size: H1960*W840*D450mm
    L box: H300*W400*D450mm x12



    Applicable places:

    Hotel, station, gym, amusement park, airport, hospital, schools, etc.

    High quality system and software for smart network storage locker

    How is Aituo locker production?


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