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Factory R&D

Shenzhen AiTuo R&D Introduction

AiTuo’s goal is provide innovative, reliable products to our customer to promote development of IOT.

We advocate creative 、rigorous design、manufacture to make our products keep one step ahead and strength in technology to lay the global competitive advantage

All products are independent research and development, with completely independent intellectual property rights, national invention patent.

Annual R & D investment doubly, R&D staffs more than 30 people, more than 30% are master’s degree or above, more than 90% are bachelor’s degree or above, realize production + study + research efficient docking and transformation, build wisdom team to overcome difficulties, Leading spectacular IOT world.

In various fields of warehousing and logistics, smart agriculture, sewage detection and monitoring, atmospheric environmental protection, and automated production. etc.

Custom-made cooperation with industry leader enterprise to realize the dream of IOT to change the world. AiTuo develop ODM/OEM cooperation with lead firms. to ensure product depth meet customer application needs, provide products and wisdom for multi-industry IOT application.


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