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Smart Lockers for Government Project

Smart Lockers for Government Project

  • Project: Smart Lockers for Government
  • Brand: AITUOIoT
  • Products: Electronic Storage Lockers,Documents Lockers, Parcel Lockers, Phone Lockers,Key Lockers
  • OEM/ODM Service Support


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    Smart Lockers for Government

    Government often has visitors whose prohibited items (mobile phones, wallets, tools, etc.) can not be taken inside, to avoid causing public safety risks, items storage loss disputes and other problems. smart locker ensures the security of items stored.

    In addition, there are lots of documents and files in government, and the traditional manual storage method has many problems such as chaotic storage and difficulty in finding. The smart archive locker can not only improve the efficiency of archives storage, but also improve the security of archives.

    Documents Lockers

    Key Lockers

    Electronic Storage Lockers

    Phone Lockers

    Parcel Lockers


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