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Automated Lockers for Food Services

Streamline your service and boost satisfaction

Decrease queueing and congestion and improve the customer experience in your fast food business by utilising smart lockers for quick and efficient order collection.

Streamline the pickup of food and drink in quick-service restaurants with our innovative and secure smart lockers. Allow customers to order food from your menu via an app which then gives them a QR or pin pad code to pick up their dishes as soon as they are ready, or at the time they choose.

With both hot and cold lockers available, this offers customers greater pick-up options, boosting satisfaction

Flexible Pick Up Times

You can control the temperature of each locker, meaning food can be kept warm or cold as needed. This allows customers to order ahead and pick up their food at their own convenience.


A business can order off-site through an app and collect their meals when it’s convenient for them to do so. Your business can cook the food, place it into the lockers to keep warm, and it doesn’t matter if the customer is slightly late to pick it up because it won’t go cold.

This offers greater flexibility to both your business and its customers.

A Better Use of Resources

Incorporating digital solutions into your fast food restaurant helps you to make better use of the resources available to you. This allows your staff to focus on the tasks that require a human touch to help grow the business.


Rather than having an employee taking orders and calling out numbers while they wait for people to pick up their meals, the customer can order directly from the kiosk and collect their meal from the automated locker when it’s ready.

This allows you to reassign staff to the tasks that are going to help grow your business.

Reduced Waiting Times

By integrating digital kiosks you can streamline the order process, allowing you to serve more customers in a shorter space of time.

Every staff member you have taking orders costs you money, but you don’t have to pay a machine, so you can serve more people without adding to your running costs.


If you want to increase your order fulfilling capacity manually, then you have to have more people taking orders and handing out food. While you have to invest in digital kiosks, once that investment has been earned back, they don’t cost you anything to run, meaning you boost your capacity without increasing day to day running costs.

A Sanitary Solution

Automated lockers limit human to human contact, helping to make your restaurant a safe, sanitary space.


Automated lockers can be fitted with hygienic technology such as UVC devices and antimicrobial screen protectors to keep customers and staff safe.


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