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How much do you know about the new trend of Internet of Things in 2019?

20190112  Editor: Aituo


Guidance: The growing maturity of sensor technology is an important driving factor for the rapid development of the Internet of Things. It promotes the sustainable development of small, low-cost and low-power applications by transforming physical information of the real world into virtual data.


With the continuous development of Internet technology, the Internet of Things technology has also ushered in a boom-like development. Others will ask why the Internet of Things has received widespread attention in recent years. On the one hand, the Internet of Things has brought things closer to things, things and people, people to people, and achieved communication between all things. On the other hand, the Internet of Things is simple, convenient and energy-saving, which is also an important part of the development of the Internet of Things.


  1. The Internet of Things technology with smaller size, faster speed and agile function has become a new business development opportunity.

The Internet of Things era is a big data era. Every device, device and object can calculate and transmit big data through the Internet of Things. This means that the integrated computing scheme will inevitably evolve towards smaller size, faster operation, more agile function and larger output. Thus, it is beneficial for enterprises to excavate commercial value in large data, so as to seize the market in the fields of new retail, vehicle networking and intelligent monitoring.


  1. Wearable Devices and Internet of Things Lead the New Trend

Smart wear technology can be said to have spread all over the world. For example, as long as our clothes are connected to the Internet through sensor devices, it can become a wearable product to achieve smart wear. The popularity of wearable products plays a key role in the development of the Internet of Things, but there are also some problems. But the main problem is how to reduce the consumption of functions, precise sensing, large data analysis and so on. Only through the breakthroughs of these technologies can we realize the connection and interaction between products and intelligent devices to a greater extent. Because wearable devices not only provide data windows, but also play a pivotal role in data transmission to the cloud center.


  1. Low-power Bluetooth WiFi applications become the backbone of the Internet of Things

As the backbone of the development of the Internet of Things, WiFi, intelligent Bluetooth, GPS navigation, these mature wireless connection devices can improve the efficiency of device applications, enabling manufacturers to design, manufacture and launch products that consumers can afford, thus encouraging mass consumption.


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