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One Last Mile of Delivery-Smart Parcel Delivery Locker

The development of the Internet has greatly facilitated people’s life, and the development of science and technology has also greatly attracted people’s attention to the topic of artificial intelligence. With the increase of online shopping, many logistics companies have turned to another method of parcel delivery and pick up, hence the smart parcel delivery locker.

Smart parcel locker is aimed to help send, collect, store, monitor, and manage parcel items with ease. Its operating system allows various storage files, such as shipping status, sender information, and real-time monitoring, to be managed in one place.

Smart parcel locker, in essence, solves the problem of the handover between people and things and plays the role of intermediary and bridge. Therefore, its role is not limited to the delivery and collection of logistics parcels, other value-added services such as self-service sales, laundry services, tool rental, and sharing, and other businesses are also very large imagination space, effectively shorten the delivery time of express delivery and improve the quality of express delivery services.

The use of the parcel locker has many advantages, such as it can provide 24 hours all-weather intelligent access express service, to meet the logistics companies – customers timely, safe delivery needs; Protect the privacy and security of customers; Save space; The parcel locker is convenient and intelligent, easy to operate; Avoid manual registration, telephone notification, verification of identity and so on a lot of trouble.

The parcel locker is suitable for schools, office buildings, airports, stations, hospitals, and many other public locations.


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