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The era of the ultimate World War I Internet of Things has come

2018-11-30 11:11 Source: Artificial Intelligence Service Network

Speaking of the word “Internet of Things”, many people may not understand what it means. As the name implies, the Internet of Things is the Internet connected by things. It is built on the basis of the Internet. Anyone exchanges and communicates information with things, between things and things, that is, things interacts with each other. The main body of the Internet is human, while the Internet of Things is human. The subject is anybody and thing, thing and thing.


At present, intelligent terminals such as smart speakers, Internet of Things central air conditioning, smart watches are rapidly penetrating, which shows a point that these scenarios will be interconnected, and an intelligent blueprint full of scientific and technological sense is unfolding, which is not only a subversion of life, but also a nirvana of enterprises.


However, it can be imagined that many enterprises will continue to work hard on the Internet of Things, new home network management, smart home debugging, and so on, as well as allowing users to operate lights, door locks, household appliances and more new smart terminals on the “cloud”, which are closely related to the Internet of Things.


It is worth mentioning that the Internet of Things provides developers with a full range of career, life and ideological changes. As an annual feast for Internet of Things (IOT) developers, the IOT Developers’ Conference is the best stage for developers to understand the latest IOT technology, grasp the pulse of IOT development and learn the design skills of IOT.


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