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What is the working principle of smart parcel locker?

Smart parcel locker is based on Internet of Things, which can identify, temporarily store, monitor and manage items (express). The setting of QC and PC servers together constitute an intelligent express terminal system. PC server can manage all the express terminals of the system in a unified way (such as the information of express terminal, the information of express users, etc.) and integrate all kinds of information. After the express delivery agent delivers the express to the designated location, it only needs to store it in the express terminal, and the system automatically sends a short message to the user, including the pick-up address and the verification code. The user can input the verification code before arriving at the terminal at a convenient time to pick up the express. The product aims to provide users with convenient time and place to receive express mail.


Working Principle:

Smart parcel locker Terminal System integrates cloud computing and Internet of Things as two core technologies, including front-end site express access and back-end center data processing. The operation of the whole intelligent express delivery system depends on the terminal of express intelligent cabinet and PC server.


As shown in below picture:


Internet of Things (IOT) is a kind of network that intelligently identifies, locates, traces, monitors and manages items by means of radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensor global positioning system, laser scanner and other information sensing devices, and links any item to the Internet for information exchange and communication according to the agreement.


With the Internet of Things connected, we need to rely on advanced information processing technologies, such as cloud computing, pattern recognition and so on. Cloud computing can promote the realization of the Internet of Things and the smart earth from two aspects. First, cloud computing is the core of the Internet of Things, and second, cloud computing promotes the intelligent integration of the Internet of Things and the Internet.


The terminal of smart parcel locker is based on embedded technology. It collects data through various sensors of RFID and camera, and then transmits the collected data to the controller for processing. After processing, it realizes the operation of the terminal through various sensors, including GM short message reminder, RFID identification, camera monitoring and so on.


PC server mainly collates the express information collected by the terminal of express intelligent cabinet, updates the data on the network in real time, respectively for online shopping users, express personnel, system administrators to carry out express inquiries, deploy express, maintain terminals and other operations.


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