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Where is Smart Key Locker business opportunities?

Editor: AITUOIoT

Date: 2021/4/15

As a vertical subdivision product of the traditional key box and key cabinet, smart key locker actually belongs to a relatively emerging market. It is an emerging product that evolves from the combination of traditional technology and technology. From now, the competition in this industry is not very big, also is in a relatively small niche in the market, however, in today’s rapid development of science and technology, more and more intelligent products emerge in endlessly, with intelligent AI to replace human calls for more and more high, smart key locker as a key management can help people to solve complicated problems of new products, It has unlimited potential for future development.

This industry will see an explosive growth in the future, on the one hand, because people have the idea that the cost of labor will become more and more expensive, and the reliability of some equipment that needs to be operated by people or provided by people is not as good as that of machines. From this point of view, it is an inevitable result that AI technology of intelligent devices replaces artificial labor.

On the other hand, if we take a look at other developed countries, such as the United States, we can see that in many industries, industries, equipment, or jobs that can be provided by machines, intelligent products have been used to replace human workers. In the United States, the cost of labor is much higher than the cost of machinery, which is completely different from in China, where labor is cheaper. However, the rise in labor costs is an inevitable result in the future.

It is the same in this market. In the original key management mode, we often rely on human resources to manage. First, because the traditional these services, car rental industry, property, or real estate, they habitually to use cheaper artificial for such operations, they will think that human can better adapt to different environment and situation, however, with the development of The Times, now that the industry line is clear, the property is property, Commercial real estate is commercial real estate, car rental industry is car rental industry, each industry has become very segmented, which leads to each industry has its own standard system, which allows us to design and improve the process of smart key locker according to these norms, such as: When we use the smart key locker, some industries need to apply for approval, while some industries can take away the key without approval, just need to have the use record.



To a variety of industries and fields, Shenzhen AITUO IoT Technology Co., Ltd design the corresponding software, and processes to meet the needs of users of different industries, such as intelligent degree is actually can completely replace the human effect, even in a short time, we have no way to completely replace human, but we can use it as a artificial auxiliary equipment to provide such intelligent products, This can make a big difference in people’s productivity.

The industry is now a burgeoning industry, but have to say is, this industry actually intelligent key cabinet will soon like traditional key box, the key cabinet, into a state of the red sea, there will be some low price and low quality of products or suppliers to enter the market, but we don’t worry too much about this case, because such an industry, It is different from the traditional manufacturing industry. It is not a pure manufacturing industry, but an industry that can provide continuous services. Therefore, intelligent key cabinets should be defined as a service-centered industry.

In a fiercely competitive market, many competitors actually regard selling products as a profitable link point in the process of price reduction. They only need to sell products at a price higher than the cost price to achieve the purpose of profit. However, in fact, such an idea is very narrow.

In our company’s opinion, providing continuous service and obtaining continuous income through service, just like the service provided by SaaS companies, is the core of this industry. Therefore, the price of equipment is not very important, but whether we can provide continuous service is what we should pay attention to.


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