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4G Newest Smart GPS Tracker Real-time Tracking Locator

4G Newest Smart GPS Tracker Real-time Tracking Locator

  • Model:ALGP052
  • Brand: Aituo
  • Delivery:7 Days
  • Warranty:1 Year


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    Basic Function

    *WIFI/BDS/GPS/LBS Positioning Mode: Quadruple positioning model faster and more accurate, the underground garage also can be positioning.

    *Anti-Fake Base Station Detection Search: Multi-channel encryption technology to reduce the risk of demolition

    *Light Perception Alarm: When the device is disassembled, contact light trigger alarm.

    *IPX4 Grade Water-proof: adapt to more different environments.

    *Real-Time Positioning Trajectory Tracking: Intelligent dynamic reporting, embedded inflection point compensation, blind area compensation algorithm

    *High Power Lithium Manganese Battery: Untra-low self-discharge, high and low temperature resistance, two year standby.

    *Self-Learning To Upload: Automatically avoid no network period to upload, self-adjustment reporting.

    *Remote Set Up Terminal Parameter: support SMS, cloud platform set up terminal parameter  

    *Intelligent Switch Model: 99 days 1 time to 1 day 288 times adjustable, default 1 day 1 time report position.

    *Remote Upgrade: Integrated with OTA update technology

    Model Number ALGP052
    Product Name 4G real-time tracking locator
    Material ABS
    Storage temperature -10℃ -- 50 ℃
    Working temperature 0℃ -- 50 ℃
    Weight: 100g



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