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Smart Refrigerated Locker Fresh Food Storage Cabinet with Acrylic Doors AL5016FS

Smart Refrigerated Locker Fresh Food Storage Cabinet with Acrylic Doors AL5016FS

  • Model:AL5016FS10B
  • Brand: AITUOIoT
  • Delivery:15-25 days
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Material:High Quality Cold Rolled Steel 1.0mm
  • Temperature:adjustable -2~8℃


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    ◆ 24 hours self-pick up, convenient and fast.
    ◆ Wrong peak distribution, concentrated and efficient.
    ◆ Support card, password, WeChat and App remote cabinet opening and other
    ◆ Perfect match with e-commerce interface.

    ◆ The stock starts automatically and stops automatically when there is no
    stock. The backstage can set the temperature freely or reserve the starting
    ◆ Support customers to cut off power and offline pick-up.
    ◆ Backstage server control, meet self-service.
    ◆ Access parts operation diary, effective detection of cabinet use state.
    ◆ Equipment status self-check, fault warning.
    ◆ Modular design,easy to maintain.

    ◆ Privacy protection.
    ◆ The verification code encrypts the communication.
    ◆ Power off protection, information is not omitted, power off does not affect
    customer pick up.

    ※ Refrigerator special food-grade ABS material.

    ※ Compressor refrigeration fresh-keeping, temperature adjustable -2~8℃

    ※ High Quality Cold Rolled Steel Sheet 1.0mm

    ※ Sub-Cabinet:10 Doors

    ※ Kiosk: 470*400*2050mm,60KG

    ※ Sub-Cabinet: 1160*590*2200mm,550KG

    Its working flow as follows:

    Application: Appartment, Office buliding, School, Logistic, Hospital, Government, Station, etc.

    Basic accessory for locker:12/24 port lock control board,electronic lock.


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